• Wichita interviews Lester Flatt

    As strange as it may sound, Wichita Rutherford has a podcast up over at his blog that features an interview with Lester Flatt. I won't go into detail explaining how he got the chance to do the interview, but let's

  • Mayor of Bluegrass – Election Update

    Earlier this month we brought you news that Wichita Rutherford had announced his campaign for the office of Mayor of Bluegrass. We've been carefully watching his campaign, along with that of competitor Trent Dobbins. Wichita recently visited Washington to share

  • Wichita Rutherford runs for Mayor of Bluegrass

    With the recent mid-term elections behind us, it's now time to start the campaigning for the really important stuff, Mayor of Bluegrass. Wichita Rutherford has just announced his decision to run for the office over on his blog. The only

  • Wichita gets a time machine

    Wichita Rutherford is a man of firsts, the first bluegrass podcaster, the first podcaster to get a deal with Sirius Satellite Radio, the first podcaster to produce a video comedy series for the net, and now he's the first podcaster

  • Wichita Rutherford – Ricky Skaggs?

    If you've been following Wichita Rutherford's video podcasts lately, you know that Wichita's last attempt to impersonate Ricky Skaggs was met with disapproval by his card playing buddies from Three Ring Circle. He said he was done trying and there

  • What did Alison Krauss call her grandmothers?

    That's the question that's answered in the final installment of Wichita Rutherford's IBMA video clips. It's one of Wichita's great True or Rumor podcasts. If you just can't stay out the personal life of a bluegrass celebrity and have to

  • Wichita Rutherford video from IBMA

    For those of you who weren't there, or those who were and just want to watch it again, Wichita Rutherford has posted one of the video clips he did for IBMA over at his blog. He actually did several and