Bobby Osborne sued for causing hearing damage

Bobby OsborneWichita Rutherford is reporting this morning on the latest lawsuit to involve a bluegrass celebrity.

Bobby Osborne has reportedly been sued for $16 million, in a suit claiming he caused irreparable hearing damage to a listener’s ears, when hitting the high note in Ruby. The suit alleges that the note, unamplified, reached an ear shattering 190 decibels. That volume level would rival that of the largest commercially available firearm.

Furthermore, the suit goes on to imply that Osborne did this maliciously.

Mr. Osborne is a phenomenal singer, there’s no question about that, however, he used a high note as a weapon. This isn’t the first time either.

It appears the suit is being settled out of court for a lesser sum than the plaintiff originally requested from the court.

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