Wichita on your TomTom

Put Wichita on your TomTom and make it a WichiTom!If you are a user of the portable GPS devices known as TomTom, and a bluegrass fan, you may be interested in this.

Apparently these handy little devices not only give you directions, they can actually speak the directions to you as you drive. And if you don’t want to listen to the default voice, you can change it by adding custom voices. A few celebrities have created voices for the TomTom, but now there’s a bluegrass voice.

Wichita Rutherford, the Mayor of Bluegrass, is announcing today that his voice is now available for free, for your TomTom. You can download it from 5MinutesWithWichita.com or from WichiTom.com. Wichita tells me the files went up last night and are being downloaded a pretty good pace. He’ll be announcing it on his show tonight, and on a bunch of country music stations nationwide.

So if you’re planning to hit the road this summer for a tour of your favorite bluegrass festivals, why not let Wichita get you there?

Ever wanted to travel like a Bluegrass Star? Now you can. Let The Mayor of Bluegrass direct you to Merlefest, Teluride, Bill Monroe’s childhood home, the mountains, the beach, the desert or to the new grocery store or restaurant across town.

Going to a show at 420 Banjo Street in the town of Pooterville in the state of Whatsit? Don’t panic, just put the address in your TomTom and let Wichita Rutherford guide you there, quickly and safely.

Wichita has included a download link, and a link to directions for loading his voice into your TomTom GPS system. So go load him up and let Wichita get you safely to all the best festivals this summer.