Win a Sirius/XM radio from Wichita

Wichita RutherfordWichita Rutherford made an appearance on CMT over the weekend. He was featured on CMT Insider’s “The Year in a Nutshell,” along with several other comedians. They asked Wichita some questions and during his responses he talked about some famous people.

I predicted that Wichita would run “8 silly contests on his blog” during 2009. He’s getting off to an early start. If you can tell him the names of the artists he talked about on CMT over the weekend, he’ll put your name in a big old pile with everyone else who gets it correct. Then Mitchell, the monkey, will pull one name out of the pile. Sound silly so far. The lucky winner will receive a Sirius/XM radio. Not so silly anymore!

Visit Wichita’s blog for more info, and the email link (under his picture on the left) so you can get your entry in.

One down, seven to go…