• Santa Fe video from Steve Martin and The Rangers

    Steve Martin has released a third music video from his newly-released project, The Long-Awaited Album, with The Steep Canyon Rangers. It's an animated feature, created by LA-based Fantoons, that follows the story of Steve's composition from the album, Santa Fe. In

  • Graham Sharp: A Ton of Talent

    Graham Sharp. Last name fits. Absolutely nothing dull about this guy. Sharp as a tack, in fact. He rips banjo rolls, belts out bold baritone, and plays the harmonica with hurricane force, sometimes all on the same song! He is

  • 2017 Mountain Song Festival a big success

    We heard this morning from Graham Sharp, banjo man with Steep Canyon Rangers, who shared a report from their 12th annual Mountain Song Festival in Brevard, NC in September. The festival is a charity event, with proceeds donated to area

  • Happy 4th from The Steeps!

    The 4th of July is a day when most Americans take a break from their career pursuits and spend the day relaxing with family and friends, celebrating the day this country was founded. So eat those hot dogs, watch that

  • RockyGrass 2016 – Day 1

    The 44th annual RockyGrass festival was held last weekend in Lyons, CO. Surrounded by the beautiful Rocky Mountains, fans enjoyed the best in bluegrass for three straight days. These are my reflections and opinions as a first time RockyGrass attendee. RockyGrass!!

  • Red Wing Roots 2016

    Arriving the Thursday night before Redwing is a bit like Christmas Eve. The setup is all there, you can see the shape of still dim lights and, like a little kid, you can’t wait to go sleep in anticipation of