• Tom Mindte’s Pickin’ Party, 2018

    Tom Mindte and Tom Jarboe join the jam at Tom Mindte's Pickin' Party (10/6/18) - photo by Jeromie Stephens Each year Tom Mindte, who runs Patuxent Records in Maryland, hosts a weekend-long pickin' party with his friends, Rodger Nelson and Steve Benedik.

  • Cane Mill Road to Patuxent Music

    Cane Mill Road, the youthful contemporary bluegrass band from western North Carolina, has signed to record with Patuxent Music in Maryland. Though not exclusively focused on young string acts, Tom Mindte with Patuxent has long focused attention on deserving artists and

  • Q&A with Katy Daley – Tom Mindte

    Tom Mindte, head of Patuxent Music and bandleader of Patuxent Partners, stores an extensive record collection at his studio in Rockville, Maryland.  I asked him how his interest in collecting and music got started. TM:  Dad had a heating and air

  • Kevin Prater to Patuxent Music

    Yesterday afternoon at the Patuxent Music studio in Rockville, MD Kevin Prater joined the family of artists recording for Tom Mindte and Patuxent. He and his Kevin Prater Band will begin work shortly on a new album, hopefully to be released early in