• Friday at Grey Fox 2016

    Friday of Grey Fox 2016 was jam packed full of a wide variety of traditional and progressive bluegrass and related musics, legends, and new faces and sounds. Whether one wanted to see names that they had known and followed for

  • Thursday at Grey Fox 2016

    Another great year at the Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival just concluded this past weekend. It is definitely a family reunion for many people who come from all over the country to see old friends, make new ones, learn some new ideas

  • First Time Grey Fox Catcher

    What a festival! A pop-up town of about 7,000 people grinning ear-to-ear for four straight days in scenic Oak Hill, New York. It does not get much better than that. Add one of the best bluegrass line-ups ever organized and,

  • Sunday at Grey Fox 2015

    Sunday of Grey Fox has a number of the events that folks have been building up to to conclude the festival. There are the raffle drawings for the instruments, more great bands, and the giant group photo of the staff

  • Saturday photos from Grey Fox 2015

    Saturday at Grey Fox 2015  had many options for both viewing and participating in activities for folks of all ages, with the normal workshops on all the bluegrass instruments and directed slow jams, but also some less common options like

  • Friday at Grey Fox 2015

    Friday at Grey Fox was another action-packed day. One of the hardest things about this festival is deciding what to do with so many great activities happening at the same time. There were workshops on dance, songwriting, and all kinds of instruments.

  • Thursday at Grey Fox 2015

    Well, this last weekend was another stupendous Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival in beautiful Oak Hill, New York - one of the best-run festivals in the country, in my opinion. There are plenty of ideas that festivals around the country can learn

  • Congratulations Al Aberg

    Bluegrass Today extends our congratulations to Al Aberg, who was the winner of a new iPad Mini during the recently-concluded Grey Fox festival in New York. We asked Al to share how he became a bluegrass fan, and found himself at

  • More from 2013 Grey Fox

    In addition to Tara Linhardt crawling the campgrounds at Grey Fox last weekend, David Moultrup was capturing more of the scene from the stage. Here is his report and a gallery of fine photos. Grey Fox 2013 showed again why it is