• Bein’ Country – new single from Corey Zink

    Corey Zink at the 2019 Nothin' Fancy Bluegrass Festival - photo © Susie Neel Sound Biscuit Productions has released a debut single from their first project with Corey Zink, a popular New England bluegrass artist recently relocated to east Tennessee. Zink is

  • Steve Carr to Zink and Company

    Since relocating to east Tennessee, bluegrass singer and band leader Corey Zink has had to restructure his touring group a bit. Understandably, not everyone in Zink and Company was on board for the move from Massachusetts, and Corey has a

  • Corey Zink to Sound Biscuit Productions

    Corey Zink with Dave Maggard of Sound Biscuit Productions Anyone who follows bluegrass closely is aware that east Tennessee has become a regional hot spot in our music. In fact, it has been for quite some time, even before East Tennessee

  • Doug Bartlett to Zink & Company

    Corey Zink has announced the newest member to his group, Zink & Co. Doug Bartlett has joined the band, playing mandolin and some twin fiddle. Doug's should be a familiar face to bluegrass fans, as he has worked with a number

  • Zink & Company to Whispering Meadows

    Massachusetts' Zink & Company have announced that they are now represented by Whispering Meadows Public Relations/Marketing in Columbus, OH for booking and publicity. The band is helmed by guitarist and vocalist Corey Zink, with assistance from John Roc on mandolin, Dan Menzone on

  • Acoustic Blue to Corey Zink Band

    It appears that all is not well with popular Massachusetts band, Acoustic Blue. Since 2006, they have released a half dozen albums, most recently Bein' Country from earlier this year. Artistic differences seem to be at the root of the band's dissolution,