Stolen Instrument: Tim Stafford's CA Guitar

Colby Laney is a student in the bluegrass music program at ETSU in Johnson City, TN. He plays in the young bluegrass band Next Best Thing. Tim Stafford was kind enough to loan Colby a CA guitar for his use in the band. Unfortunately, someone has stolen the instrument.

Colby is seeking any information that may lead to the recovery of the instrument. Here’s his description of the guitar.

It was a black CA Bluegrass Standard, white inlay around the sound hole, Waverly tuners, Fishman aura pickup, and a small chip on the head near the letters CA. It was inside a black dreadnaught TKL type case made by CA with CA on the case. There is no serial number that we can find yet, but the makers have been informed.

If anyone sees this instrument or has information concerning it, please contact Colby immediately.

Here’s a clip of Colby playing the guitar with Next Best Thing.