Special C’s Turtle Top hits 500K

Special Consensus is one of the most well-traveled bands in bluegrass.

And so, by extension, is their trusty Turtle Top van, Snowball. It has taken them all across the US and Canada since it went into service in December 2002.

Greg Cahill and the band are touring in California the rest of this week, and their beloved vehicle is about to cross a major threshold: 500,000 miles. To celebrate, they are offering a free copy of their upcoming Compass Records CD to whoever can predict where they will be when the odometer makes the jump.

Greg shared a list of all the band members who have shared the ride…

“Special C current and former members who have ridden in Snowball: Josh Williams, Tim Dishman, Jamie Clifton, Ron Spears, Tres Nugent, Justin Carbone, David Thomas, Ashby Frank, Ryan Roberts, Rick Faris, Dustin Benson and Greg Cahill.

Then there were the folks who hitched a ride from us – going to or from a festival, workshop camp, etc. – and that would include Megan Lynch, Brandon Rickman, Chris Hill, Stephen Mougin, Andrea Roberts, Dennis White, Sierra Hull, Kevin Denney, Josh McMurray, and Tim Wilson.”

If sleeping bunks could talk…

As of Wednesday afternoon, the bus had 498,861 miles on it, when they left Hayward, CA for a show in Pleasanton. Here’s their schedule for the next few days:

Thursday night – Northridge, CA
Friday night – San Diego, CA
Saturday – Yuma, AZ
Sunday – Albuquerque, NM
Monday starts the drive back to Nashville, TN

So pull out your maps, take your best guess, and post it here in the comments.

Whoever comes closest to the mark will get a personalized copy of Scratch Gravel Road when it is released in March on Compass.

Sounds like fun!

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