Special C European tour winding down

Here’s another update from Greg Cahill on the 2011 Special Consensus European tour.

We only had 2 hours sleep when we were shuttled to the airport in Oslo to catch the plane to Copenhagen on Wednesday. We were on time (after the taxi was late), the plane took off and then a bird flew into one of the engines.

Back to Copenhagen, sat on the tarmac for about 90 minutes while the mechanics cleared up the mess and took off again. In the end, we arrived in Copenhagen and drove 8 hours to Dortmund, arriving at show time but the promoter Guntmar is a friend and it was no problem.

We had a fine show, enjoyed the evening and headed to the lodging. Only slept 2.5 hours and then had to begin the drive to La Roche, France to meet with high school students in the afternoon, and then do an evening concert. Traffic delays made us about 90 minutes late so we missed the school gathering – but many of the students came to the concert and we met with them on the intermission.

Another great evening – bluegrass people around the world truly are all part of the extended family.

Onward to Switzerland for the Willisau festival later today (Saturday) and then home on Sunday. Yahoo!