Sister Sadie to Wilson Pickins

Powerhouse group Sister Sadie is the latest addition to Melanie Wilson’s ever-growing roster at Wilson Pickins Promotions. The all-star female band, which racked up quite a bit of airplay and fan attention after the release of its first, self-titled album on Pinecastle Records in 2016, will be represented by Wilson for the release of its upcoming second album.

The band will be in Nashville in November to begin recording the album, which is set for release sometime in 2018. They will work with folks from both Pinecastle and its new Bonfire Recording Studio imprint. According to Wilson Pickins, regular updates from the studio should be shared throughout the recording process, including video and music clips.

Wilson Pickins has also released a new promo video for the band, highlighting song clips from their previous album and recent photos.

For more information on Sister Sadie’s upcoming album, stay tuned to Wilson Pickins’s Facebook page.

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