Kim Robins is back with a new band and a new band name

Bluegrass singer, songwriter, and band leader Kim Robins had a good run between her appearance on the scene in 2013, and the arrival of the pandemic shutdowns that closed off just about every avenue for bluegrass music. She and her band, Kim Robins & 40 Years Late, were a popular act at festivals, and after her debut independent album, released a pair of projects with Pinecastle Records, Raining in Baltimore and Leave The Porch Light On.

But as Kim told us a few days ago, events then conspired to make leading her own band no longer a viable option, particularly being called in to double duty as a nurse working for the Indiana Department of Health in 2020.

“We were working around the clock to provide infection control information to the nursing homes who were suffering with the loss of residents due to COVID. My father then suddenly died, my brother was diagnosed with lung cancer, and died, my husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer and could not get treatment due to COVID, then my mother suddenly died. Life became a bit overwhelming.”

After getting all the family issues settled, though, Robins popped out to do a few shows last year, but with pick up band members. She was primarily focusing at the time on building her new label, Ram Cat Records, and a new music venue she is building near her home.

But, once again, fate stepped in with other plans.

“David Brack from the St. Louis area contacted me and asked if I wanted to put a band back together.

He was willing to help, and the next thing I knew I was back rehearsing with a band and booking shows again. I decided to leave the past behind with the 40 Years Late band name, and move forward with a new band name, Tempest Rain.

Tempest means a windy storm, and it seemed perfect given the last few years of my life.

We are hoping to take everyone’s breath away with our new band sound. The entire band is from the St. Louis area which makes it easy for me to get to from my home in Indiana.”

Tempest Rain features Brack on mandolin, Mike Aehle on banjo, Rob Kindle on guitar, and Logan Perez on bass. David and Mike will add vocal harmonies in the band as well.

Keep an eye on her web site for Kim’s schedule with Tempest Rain.

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