Sights and Sounds from Saturday at Wintergrass 2018

Dust Bowl Revival at Wintergrass 2018 – photo © Tara Linhardt

The Wintergrass Festival was celebrating its 25th year, and Darol Anger and Mike Marshall also announced that they were celebrating their anniversary of 40 years of performing together duringthe festival. There was a nice mix throughout the day of the musical legends and some of the new, young, up-and-coming musicians, a variety of styles, plus different settings to see, listen to, learn from, and interact with some of the musicians.

Saturday had full stages, hallways full of jams, workshops, led jams, dances, and all that one would expect, but but there was also a live radio broadcast you could watch as Iaan Hughes from KBCS 91.3 interviewed and introduced some of the big name bands as they played a few songs for the folks in radio land first thing in the morning. (The broadcast was from 9:00 a.m. – noon.) Hats off to the musicians who rose up and jumped right into a live, on air broadcast singing, picking, and even doing some yodeling, all before noon.

Here is a clip from Laurie Lewis and The Right Hands at the live broadcast from the hallway of Wintergrass. 

Mike Marshall and Darol Anger played traditional Swedish tunes with Vasen. Olov Johansson playing the nyckelharpe, Mikael Marin on viola, and Roger Tallroth on guitar.