Separated at birth – part 2

Last month, we published a post called Separated at birth? which highlighted the similarities between a number of bluegrass stars and other celebrities. We received a number of suggestions from you, our readers, for other bluegrass/celebrity look-a-likes. We’ve finally tracked down a couple of difficult to find photos, and here they are.

Thanks to the readers who suggested the following matches: Jim Cole suggested Parmley/Clinton, Larry Carlin suggested Reischman/Bernanke, and Margaret Benson suggested Ashby/Elvis.

NOTE: After our last post in which we asserted that mandolinist Chris Thile bore a striking resemblance to Robert Pattinson (“that vampire dude” from the popular Twilight movies), Thile took matters into his own hands via his Twitter feed.

Dear Followers: There comes a time when men must be men: I hereby challenge that vampire dude to a bite/mandolin-off. Whatcha say, Robbie?

What followed was a blow-by-blow account of the clash of fangs and Loar #75316. I’m please to report that Thile is still with us! Check Chris’ Twitter feed from January 12, 2010 through January 16, 2010 for the details.