Sarah Jarosz: Song Up In Her Head

Sarah has a nice story up about Sarah Jarosz and her forthcoming recording, Song Up In Her Head. Co-produced with Gary Paczosa, the project is set to be released June 16 on Sugar Hill Records.

If you’re unfamiliar with Jarosz, be sure to read the story we published in June of 2008, Sarah Jarosz signs with Sugar Hill.

The Austin360 story concludes with this,

The long journey just begun gets really interesting in the next few weeks as Sarah Jarosz graduates from high school, turns 18 and releases her first album.

And in September she’ll be moving to Boston to attend one of two prestigous music schools who have both accepted her, Berklee College of Music and the New England Conservatory. Jarosz says she hasn’t made her mind up yet, and with choices like that I can see that it might be difficult.

Jarosz plays several instruments, but considers the mandolin to be her primary instrument. If you haven’t heard her yet, it might be worth your time to give her a listen.