Ruth and Max Bloomquist Live from the Living Room

I’m back!!

The past couple months have been problematic to say the least for this old timer. A knee infection put me in the hospital for three weeks, but I am well on the road to recovery now.

This past Friday night marked my first foray out to a music show since mid-August.

One of the Detroit metro area’s best kept secrets is Live From The Living Room, presented by Maggie and Jack “Scout” Ferguson. The venue is in the Unity of Lake Orion Church. They present music from the folk and bluegrass worlds. Maggie always opens the show with several tunes. This week she featured Halloween tunes. Scout follows with a story from his recent adventures. This week was about a walk on the Clinton River Trail and the things he saw – including a buck in the velvet resting in the cattails. As an aside… my oldest grandson built and placed trail map boxes at various locations along the trail for his Eagle Scout project some 12 0r 13 years ago. They are still in use today.

Headliners for the evening are another of Michigan’s secrets. Ruth and Max Bloomquist have been making music together since they met in the early ’70s. They have their feet planted in both the bluegrass and folk worlds. Ruth won the Gospel portion of the Chris Austin Song Writing Competition at MerleFest in 2003 with her uplifting song, By The River. They have showcased at IBMA.

Ruth’s Signature song, Michigan Girl, has had over 370,000 views on YouTube.

Most of the duo’s music is original songs from Ruth. Ruth and Max bring harmonies born of over 40 years of singing together. See them if you can.

Visit Live From The Living Room for some excellent music.

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