Russell Moore interview at Americana Roots

Russell Moore of IIIrd Tyme posted a Q&A type interview with Russell Moore of IIIrd Tyme Out yesterday.

During the course of the interview they discuss the new Rounder release Footprints: A IIIrd Tyme Out Collection, the song selection for that compilation, recent band member changes and what it’s like trying to keep a band together over the years, Russell’s duet with Rhonda Vincent on her new CD, IIIrd Tyme Out’s plans for 2008, and Russell’s listening recommendations for new bluegrass fans.

At one point the interviewer asks Russell if he plans to continue touring when he is Ralph Stanley’s age. Russell responds saying that he does hope to do so, and then gives his reason.

…as a performer and as a singer that’s what I enjoy doing and that hasn’t changed from going from being a sideman to being the owner of a band, that part never changes even though everything else around you does.

That’s what makes bluegrass great folks, the love and passion poured into the music by the musicians over the course of their lifetime.

Thanks Russell, and the rest of you, for making this music worth listening to!