Ricky Skaggs’ G-Run in a jar

Ricky Skaggs' G-Run in a jarLeave it to our buddy Wichita Rutherford to come up with something no one has ever done before. He got the wild idea of capturing one of Ricky Skaggs‘ G-Runs in a mason jar, and auctioning it off on Ebay.

As the video shows, Ricky was somewhat reluctant at first, but after Wichita suggested the money be donated to Ricky’s favorite charity, Skaggs was onboard. The money will donated to World Vision, in Ricky’s father’s name.

Ricky himself labeled the jar, on the back of an old pack of strings. I’ve got to say, that’s one fine sounding G-Run.

The G-Run in a jar doesn’t go on sale until next week, but we wanted to let you know about now. We’ll again next week, with a link to the Ebay auction.