Richard Gilewitz coming to Oakland

Richard Gilewitz, known to fascinate his audiences with fingerstyle gymnastics on his 6 and 12-string guitars, is going to be joining us on Saturday May 9th at Leo’s Professional Audio, in Oakland. His ability to make one guitar sound like an entire orchestra stems from 33 years of well-honed technique and 25 years on the road touring worldwide, creating his own signature sound that has been captured on his CDs, DVDs, and songbooks. But it is his live shows that bring out the best in this author, composer, guitarist, humorist, and storyteller who follows a distinct cadence that creates a glow that continually grows a little brighter with each tune. It was magical when he joined us last year – don’t miss it this time! Space is limited, so please call or email for reservations!

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5447 Telegraph Ave.
Oakland, CA 94609