New Donna Ulisse release debuts in Top 40 of Americana chart

 donna ulisse cd cover It’s been a good week here at Hadley Music Group. You see, in early January we released Donna Ulisse’s second bluegrass album, “Walk This Mountain Down”. It had been completed since late summer of 2008 so we had been living with the project for quite awhile feeling like we had this big secret we were keeping from the world until it could be shipped to radio and ordered online. Course, there is the process a label goes through of falling in love with a project like it is one of your children and believing wholeheartedly in the end result. Then the day comes that it ships to radio and the promoters are going to start calling the DJs and one just hopes and prays they hear what you have been hearing all these months leading up to the release as you were driving around town listening to the CD in your car at full volume.

This week “Walk This Mountain Down” took a nice 10 point jump from #48 to #38 in the Americana Music chart giving Donna Ulisse her first debut in the Top 40 of this well respected chart.  That would have been great in and of itself.  Then we also found out that WSM Radio added the record and is playing two tracks. Bluegrass radio has been tremendously supportive. Finally, this morning I got a copy of the euro-Americana chart out of Europe and the album is already #4 for the month of February.

As for me, I feel lots of things; relief (yep, they get it..I’m not crazy! ), sheer joy at watching a deserving and uniquely talented singer songwriter being appreciated and a whole lot of gratitude for all the people involved in these wonderful things happening and for answered prayers. or