My Own Set Of Rules

Lou Reid & Carolina - My Own Set Of RulesI suppose by this point that Lou Reid has enough street cred in the bluegrass world to write his own set of rules. This new recording doesn’t really rewrite any rules though. It’s more a matter of Lou recording the music as he hears it.

My Own Set Of Rules is Lou’s 8th album in 17 years, and more than any other, this album most completely reflects Lou’s personal musical tastes.

I believe, as a whole, that this project encompasses more of my personal musical taste than any recording I have put out to date. The songs bring in all the elements of bluegrass that I love; the contemporary, traditional and the gospel.

Lou gives us an accurate description of the CD. The music is rooted in tradition, while maintaining a contemporary sensibility. The songs include both traditional and original songs of love and loss, songs about daddy and mama, and several gospel numbers, including one a cappella and one instrumental.

Fans of Lou Reid should enjoy this CD quite a bit. I know I certainly enjoyed hearing Lou revisit a song I always enjoyed hearing him sing with the Seldom Scene, In Despair. And his singing is excellent on the entire CD. Lou’s wife Christy takes a turn on one song, as does the band’s guitarist, Shannon Slaughter.

You may have already heard the first track from the CD, Amanda Lynn, which was released to radio last month. Below I’ve included a short clip of that song, and the last track, A Tall Cornstalk.

The CD was released late last month and should be available wherever you normally purchase your bluegrass music, or you can buy it direct from Lou Reid & Carolina.

Amanda Lynn –     []
A Tall Cornstalk –     []