Mountain Heart: Road That Never Ends – Music Video

Bluegrass power house band Mountain Heart recently filmed a music video for the title cut from their latest CD, Road That Never Ends – the live album.

This is the first music video production for Mountain Heart. The video was produced by lead singer Josh Shilling, and directed by Scott Hansen of Renown Studios.

Most of the video was actually filmed locally here in and around Roanoke, VA, including a the live show portions and bar scenes, which were filmed at the Grey Stone Tavern. John was able to attend the taping and commented on how professional the crew was, saying that it looked to be a top notch production. Read John’s post about the video shoot.

Other scenes were filmed at a location in the Virginia Beach area, and Josh really went all out trying to get the shot.

The most memorable part of filming the video for Road That Never Ends has got to be the bone-chilling scene we tried to capture in the rain. We needed a scene to accent the lyrics that portrayed a man begging forgiveness for all that he’d done wrong. It was midnight, around Christmas time, and the temperature had dropped to a painful 15 degrees. We setup lighting in a dark alley and piped a water hose to the scene from a nearby building. We spent twenty minutes filming me falling to my knees with freezing water being sprayed all over the scene from above. After the cameras, our clothes, and the concrete surrounding us began to freeze, we had to call it off. My skin was red and felt numb as we stripped our wet clothes off and huddled around a small space heater in a garage. I’m certain this was the closest you can get to hypothermia without being hospitalized. After we thawed out, reality set in that after all of our efforts, the awesome shot we were going for, simply didn’t exist. It’s something the world would’ve never known about, but hey, I guess it’s all for the love of music!

The video is now finished, and the band has agreed to let us debut it here on Bluegrass Today. After watching the video it seems apparent that John was correct in his assessment. The footage is great. The style is appropriate to the song. The lighting is dramatic and intense. The pull-focus shots are very well done and at times it appears as though every move was scripted. The editing is equally stellar, with impeccable shot choices and timing.

Nicely done guys! And a great song as well.