Montage video from Brian Godchaux & Sandy Rothman

Brian Godchaux & Sandy Rothman have released a new video, created by Dutch mandolinist and photographer Theo Van Trier, using audio from one of the tunes on Brian and Sandy’s new album of banjo/fiddle duets, The Red Fiddle & The Silver Banjo, against a montage of lovely photos.

The tune they have chosen is Sail Away Ladies, one that bluegrass and old time musicians alike are wont to play, which is given a stately rendition here by the two noted west coast pickers.


In addition to their notoriety as California Bay area string musicians, Sandy and Brian have acid rock street cred from associations with members of The Grateful Dead, San Francisco’s loftiest musical denizens. Sandy was a frequent jam partner of the late Jerry Garcia, with whom he performed in the Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band, while Brian’s brother Keith was pianist with the Dead.

Find out more about the two of them, and their new CD, online.

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