Monroeville hits on Tuesday

Monroeville has served as a picture-perfect example of how to launch a new band. These six talented young men got started on their new venture last summer after several of the members departed from Barry Scott & Second Wind in July 2010.

From day one they focused on the business necessities, getting management and publicity in place, and launching an interactive web site, even while work for a debut recording was in progress. None of them are yet household names, but they did note how current headliners Dailey & Vincent had all of their business associations in place before news of the band ever hit. This allowed Jamie and Darrin to take full advantage of the buzz that was generated when their album was finally released.

Monroeville is hoping to see a buzz accompany the release of their self-titled project this week. It is set to hit on Tuesday (5/17), with a video for Pot Of Gold (written by Chris Stapleton and Frank Rodgers) soon to follow.

The band consists of Daniel Salyer on bass, Matt Munsey on mandolin, Travis Houck on resonator guitar, Zane Petty on banjo, Seth Taylor on guitar and Matt Flake on fiddle.

The guys have agreed to let us preview a few tracks from the new CD here on Bluegrass Today, to give everyone a taste of their sound.

Pot Of Gold: []
Devil’s Rope: []
Rambler’s Song: []
Passive Aggressive: []
Lonesome Goodbye (with Cia Cherryhomes): []

This is a talented bunch of pickers, singers and songwriters. They’ve done their homework, and now it’s time to see what the bluegrass world thinks of what they have to say.

Pre-orders for the CD are being accepted now online.