Milwaukee Bluegrass Musicians Roll Out the Red Carpet

PRESS RELEASE by A.I.M. Charitable Association Spokesperson
Re: Local Musicians Roll Out the Red Carpet on Sunday February 22nd, 2009
Not for Profit, A.I.M. for Peace (artists in music), designed to raise funds for victim musicians, is hosting benefit event for Donald ‘Doc’ Pfaff, who was shot after a gig when gunmen attempted and failed to rob a local venue, in December. The shooting drew much attention because the owner of the venue shot back at the gunmen, and there was much discussion about the use of force on television and radio, among radio hosts and reporters.

The event will take place on:  Sunday, February 22nd from: 1:00 pm – 9:00 pm at: Liquor Sweets – (The Globe South), located at 3000 S. 13th, St. Milwaukee, WI, USA That location has two full stages holding approximately 450 people, and it will nearly reach full occupancy that day with the amount of celebrated talent stepping up to perform at the event, as well as because of the importance of this Cause, which is to support victims of violence, unify related communities, provide safety education, and promote understanding of our current gun laws and proper use of force.

The ‘Talent Line-Up’ will be as follows:
Upstairs Stage

Masters of Ceremony: Alan Eisenberg, Mark Shurilla, Barbara Meyer-Spidell
1:50 – 2:20 The Milwaukee Harmonica Club Director: Don Lorenz

2:30- 3:20 Mud River Lee & The Bluegrass Orchestra featuring ‘Elusive Vic’ Thomas & The Tall Cool One – Barbara Meyer-Spidell

3:30 – 3:50 The Fabulous Feno! Space Man Jam! Leads into World Record Chinese Plate Spinning Attempt On Lower Stage with Mark Bond Master Illusionist Extraordinaire!

3:50 – 4:15 Break Upstairs Stage

4:20 – 4:35 Music Savant! Paul Kuhn on his Cellocaster
4:40- 5:00 Beloved Comedy SportZ !
5:05 – 5:25 Hip Hop Artist Elvis Thao- from Clint Eastwood’s film ‘Gran Torino’ !

5:30 Main Ceremony Begins – National Anthem sung by Killian Beres-Peterson of MiRoc (Midwest Rock Opera Company)

5:45 – 6:45 The Milwaukee Police Band (originated in 1898). The FIRST & Oldest Police Band in the USA! Honorary Music Director – Lieutenant Officer Karen Dubis

7:00- 7:20 Beloved Comedy SportZ Show 7:30- 8:00 Mark Shurilla and The Greatest Hits with Special Guests featuring Claire ‘Thunder’ Sardina and Marvalous Marla!

8:05- 8:45 Xeno & Steve Grimm of Legendary Band BAD BOY! & ‘Three’s a Crowd’ w/ Xeno & Rachel!
8:45 -10:00 – Mark Shurilla’s Band and The Greatest Hits with Special Guests, JAM for SAM Steffke & Dan ‘Miles’ Mullen, and Andy Pagelshinski!

9:45 Grand Finale Ends with a Gathering for Last Song (surprise!) Featuring Luthier, Peter Huiras’ Peace Guitar.

Masters of Ceremony: Rex Sikes, Barbara Meyer-Spidell
1:30 – 1:55 Stand Up Comic! Scott Tolaney!

2:00 – 2:40 Jerry Tubbs & His Hilarious Comedy Hypnosis Show!

2:45 – 3:10 Music Savant Paul Kuhn on his Cellocaster !

3:15 – 3:45- The Amazing Rex Sikes -The World’s First Motivational Mindreader!

3:55 4:15 The Fabulous Feno Crashes The Downstairs Stage and Attempts to Set The World Record in Chinese Plate Spinning!

4:20 – 4:50- Magician, Master Illusionist and Slight of Hand Artist ‘ Mark Bond ‘ !

4:55- 5:20- The Bayside BoneZ Pre-teen Pop! Cover Band
5:30 – 6:30 Lower Stage Breaks for Upstairs Ceremony & The Milwaukee Police Band
7:00 – 8:00 Edgar Allan Cash Roots Rock Artists

8:10- 9:10- Creative Bones Rock and Rollers!
9:30 Grand Musical Finale on Upper Stage!
The End- Thank you Everybody-!


The Milwaukee Police Band- Director- Honorary Officer Karen Dubis (the oldest and first Police Band in the USA, dates back to 1898)

Elvis Thao- Hip Hop Artist form Group ‚ÄòRare’ – He is from Clint Eastwood’s Movie ‚ÄòGran Torino’ which he both acts in and has a song in. He will bring us his new song called ‘Brew City’. He also works at Social Development Commission (SDC) as a Community Organizer.
Mark Shurilla & The Greatest Hits will be a Hosting Band Performing and featuring many additional talents, including but not limited to, Claire ‚ÄòThunder’ Sardina of reputable Milwaukee Music staple ‚ÄòThunder and Lightening’, whose most recent accolades are forever documented in World Award Winning Movie ‚ÄòSong Sung Blue’ where tribute artist’s, The Sardina’s and Shurilla, simply play ‚Äòas themselves’.
Steve Grimm and Xeno- of Milwaukee’s Favorite Legendary Rock Hit Band ‚ÄòBad Boy’. Steve Grimm is a well respected Guitar Teacher at The Wisconsin Conservatory of Music, and Xeno is known to be an Extremely Noteable Vocalist, who formerly was a lead singer in ‘Cheap Trick’. Together they blend magnificent harmonies.
The Milwaukee Harmonica Club Director- Don Lorenz . Eight to Fifteen Harmonica Players gather together on a stage and groove without a pic. Frank GeersWalter Roob
Beloved Comedy SportZ, for optimum laughs, have donated TWO performances. David Lane Kozzy! Yosef ‘Joe’ Vella
‚ÄòMagician Extraordinaire Mark Bond’- Former Safe House main attraction, and Super Talent, will saw people in half – or chop off their heads – ALL in the name of fun! (It is his Last & Final Show in Milwaukee)
Mud River Lee & The Bluegrass Orchestra with perform with Comedic Actress, Percussionist and Stunt Vocal Artist ‘The Highest Soprano in the State’ Barbara Meyer-Spidell also known as The Tall Cool One. Also featured will be The ‘Elusive Vic’ Thomas of Summerfest (He will NOT be accepting ‘musician promo packs’ on this day, but he did listen to your tape from last year and loved it.)

Mud River Lee’s Band: Andrew ‘Lee’ Modder Lead & Rhythm Guitar & Vocals Mike Greylak- BanjoPerry Weber on Electric Bass, Dobro, Pedal Steel *Silver Dollar John Losienecki on Bass Fiddle & Cedarburg’s Huiras Instrument Intl. Fiddle by Peter Huiras ‘Lonesome’ George Bauer on Diatonic Harmonica Donald ‘Doc’ Pfaff on Chromatic Harmonica Barbara Meyer-Spidell Percussion & Vocals Vic Thomas on Mallets & Drums Philip Schwinn on Mandolin
Scott Tolaney- Brings us hilarious Improvisational Comedy.   The Amazing Rex Sikes known as The World’s First Motivational Mindreader will be Bending Spoons and Reading Our Minds.

The Bayside BoneZ – Pre-teen Pop! Star Band (kids please check your ‘rents Melanie and Scott Beres-Peterson of Midwest Rock Opera Company- MiRoc at the security center)
Xeno and Rachel- ‘Three’s a Crowd’ has lightening vocals and mesmerizing violin…
Certified Stage Hypnotist Jerry Tubbs will bring us his Comedy Hypnosis Show. If you have never been hypnotized before, now is your chance.
The Fabulous Feno Space Man will Attempt a WORLD’s RECORD in Spinning Chinese Plates! He will Perform Magic & Music!

Creative Bones Band will Rock Us Out like No Other Before or After Ever Will Again…
Edgar Allan Cash combines the prose of Edgar Allan Poe with the glorious voice of Johnny Cash.

Music Savant Paul Kuhn will be performing on his Cellocaster as well as on one of * Peter Huiras’ Guit-Fiddle’s(pronounced GootFiddle), Fiddles or Handmade Folkloric Carved Guitars.* See John Losienecki

Marvalous Marla will be on hand to light up the stage, and Dave Allswager will be ‚Äòpinch hitting’ for Lightening. You will also hear JAM for Sam Steffke featured on the keys. Dan ‘Miles’ Mullen (of Plasticland) and Andy Pagel will be on and off stage throughout this event. Brian Kurczynski- Sax & Keys Bob Jorin- Bass Andy Pagel- Drums Dan ‘Miles’ Mullen- Guitar John Fusek- SitarTommy Greywolf- on electric violin & Huiras Instrument Intnl. Fiddle
The Honorable Chief Edward A. Flynn may be present and hopefully will reinforce the day’s ceremony, pre-performance of The Milwaukee Police Band, with a similar message when he spoke, in January at The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce event, and said, ‘Safety is not JUST a Spectator Sport’.

Our Master of Ceremony will be The ‚ÄòClarence Darrow of our Day’, prestigious attorney and editor of El Conquistador Newspaper, Alan Eisenberg.

Also hosting a table of information will be The Wisconsin Wheelmen, who are a pipeline of education resources for those serious about safety and wishing to comply with Federal and State Laws and Statutes, and The Wisconsin Patriots to ensure that we have the Freedom & Liberty to continue to do so.

Please Contact Barbara Meyer-Spidell for further Questions at 414-333-3334 Thank you!


Chief of Police Edward A. Flynn for Commendable Efforts & Community Outreach

Attorney Alan Eisenberg for Sound Advice

Brian Miller for Sound System & Support
Cathy and Sam Steffke of JAM for S.A.M. (serving ailing musicians)

WMSE Radio Station 91.7 FM Paul Host of WMSE 91.7FM

Golden Chicken located at 3032 S.13th St. 414-383-7010

Ian Pesch & Staff of Liquor Sweets & Globe South 3000 S. 13th. St. 414-384-0777
S.O.C. Southside Organizing Committee- Steve Fendt, Phoua Vang & Mike Johnson
S.D.C. Social Development Commission
The Wisconsin Wheelmen – Fire Arms Safety Education
The Wisconsin Patriots-Preserving Our Rights
Wi-Force Wisconsin Fire Arms Educators
Summerfest’s Vic Thomas Backline Pat McCurdy & Big Murf for Donation
Vibha Vibe
Oleg Shtenybuk for Logo and IT Support
Lisa’s List at or
Attorney Ralph Huiras for Sound Advice
& The Great Charlie McCoy for his Celebrity Donation

Event Coordination
Mark Shurilla
Robert Michael Meyer
Lauren M. Meyer
Martin Gilbert
Peter Jay Huiras

Photo & Video
Cy White of Photo Action USA
Laurie Muffler of Castle Walls Entertainment 414-573-2609
Veronika Rusnak
Tim Townsend of Physicians Mutual Healthcare & Medical Supplement 262-784-6121
Gary Allen of Front Row Video Productions 262-784-0285

Education Resources
Wire SmileyRobert ‘Emil’ MillerPete & Donna Lenti
Print Support
Jason & Jane Marie of Enhance Foil & Press for Banners 414-422-9600
Stage Support
Tommy Lee
Rocker Pat
Miss Lee
Lauren Meyer
Mark Shurilla& Brian Miller
… and finally, Thank You to ‘Doc’ and Andy Kochanski as Co-Inspirators, as only thru Incredible and Visible Determination During Dire Circumstance does one exceed.
‘AfterParty’ being held at Kochanski’s Concertina Beer Hall located at 1920 S. 37th St.
Come On Down! Thank You! 414-333-3334
Barbara Meyer-Spidell