Marty Stuart – Live At The Ryman

live at the rymanMarty Stuart has a new CD out titled Live At The Ryman. The CD is a live recording of a bluegrass concert Marty did last year with his band and a few special guests. Here’s the line up on the CD:

The Superlatives
Kenny Vaughan – guitar
Harry Stinson – percussion
Brian Glenn – bass

Special Guests
Charlie Cushman – banjo
Stuart Duncan – fiddle
Uncle Josh Graves – dobro

Marty of course, played mandolin as he once did with Lester Flatt on that same stage.

The Ryman Auditorium is my home show place. I have an ongoing love with the building and adopted it years ago. It’s the first place I ever played in Nashville. It was my home with Lester Flatt’s band for nearly two years before the Grand Ole Opry moved the show across town…Much of my musical life has been lived out on that stage.

Marty didn’t even realize the show was being recorded at the time. He was just concerned with playing some good music for a sold out audience.

At the end of the evening as I was about to walk out of the building, Les Banks walked up and handed me two CDs and said, “You should listen to this.” I asked him what it was and he said, “Proof of what just happened on stage.” I did listen and it was special.

Now the CD has been released and you and I can hear what Marty heard when he listened for the first time.

I tried to find the CD online, but Marty doesn’t have anything about it on his website. The unofficial fan website has some reviews, but nothing more. So I’ll have to send you to Amazon to listen to samples of the 15 tracks (including an intro by Eddie Stubbs).

PS – Marty told me his favorite track was #3 No Hard Times Blues. When I asked why he said “Just because.” And even in an email I could see the grin on his face.