Lester Flatt Style Rhythm Lessons – Six White Horses

Good day everyone,

Hope this message finds you all well.

Today I posted 2 lessons.


Both lessons teach “Six White Horses”.

Lesson 1 deals with rhythm and more on dynamics (as this is a great song to demonstrate one part of dynamics).

Lesson 2 teaches the solo the way I usually play it. It’s been a while since I sat down with the recording and tried to play exactly what Lester was playing and I simply don’t have time at the moment to do so. However, I hope this version will still contain enough of Lester’s ideas to prove useful.

I apologize to anyone who has sent me mail or posted to a list that I haven’t replied to. Our band is right in the middle of recording a new CD and the last week has been really intense. I will try to get to everyone’s emails and answer your questions as soon as possible. Thanks for sending them and please feel free to send email and ask me anything you like.

Thanks and best wishes

Chris Sharp