Kudos to Lee and Dan

The winners of the 2011 International Songwriting Competition have been announced, and first place in the Instrumental category was awarded to a banjo tune!

Gone Beserk, written by Lee Marcus and performed by Dan Menzone on his Frostbite CD, took the top prize. Dan was assisted on this track by Adam Steffey on mandolin, Rob Ickes on reso, Rickie Simpkins on fiddle, Ronnie Simpkins on bass, and Wyatt Rice (who also produced) on guitar.

Here’s a taste…

Gone Beserk: [http://www.danmenzone.com/audio/01_Going_Beserk_clip_4-45_hifi.mp3]

Lee and Dan will share the bounty reserved for first place winners in each category:

  • 50 sets of D’Addario strings
  • Shure Beta 58A microphone
  • Westone UM3X Series Monitor with removable cable
  • Tunecore Digital Distribution Package (one Album, two Singles, two Ringtones)
  • 12-month subscription to The Music Registry Record Xpress/A&R Directory
  • 12-month subscription to The Music Registry Record Xpress/Publisher’s Directory
  • MusicSubmit Internet Promotion Package – 1000 Submissions package
  • One-year Membership to Taxi
  • One-year membership to Onlinegigs.com
  • All-region package (12 month) to Indie Venue Bible
  • SongFrame software from Tanager AudioWorks, Inc.
  • One-year subscription to Celebrity Access
  • Grooveshark – 100,000 Radio plays

Congratulations guys!