Introducing Alan Munde

Alan MundeI am very proud to introduce Alan Munde as a Guest Contributor on Bluegrass Today. I spent 3 years under Alan’s tutelage at South Plains College. Alan is the banjo instructor and the bluegrass ensemble instructor at the school. Here is a quote from Alan’s website to give you some background:

From his early creative work with Sam Bush in Poor Richard’s Almanac to his traditional bluegrass apprenticeship with Jimmy Martin and the Sunny Mountain Boys to his 21-year stint anchoring the landmark Country Gazette, Alan has blazed a trail as one of the most innovative and influential banjo players of all time.

Alan is currently an At Large member of the IBMA Board of Directors. Alan is a legend, he’s one of the greatest musicians to ever pick up a 5-string banjo, and he’s one of the funniest people I think I’ve ever met. I have a lot of fond memories from the time I spent learning about banjo, bluegrass, and life itself from Alan.