I Hear You Calling – new single from Ben James

Ben James has recently released the second single from his forthcoming project on the RBR Entertainment label. 

Ben’s chilling, stratosphere-tenor vocals have been turning heads in the bluegrass community since the beginning of his career. His latest single, I Hear You Calling, is perfectly suited to showcase his impeccable range, and Ben certainly brings his own take on the high lonesome sound to this song, vocally and lyrically. This particular single is a co-write with one of his former Quicksilver band mates, and it spotlights Ben’s ability to pick out a mournful melody.

“So, my pal Eli Johnston wrote I Hear You Calling on his front porch one night, just staring at the river a hundred yards away. He was playing around with cross picking style and thought it sounded cool. Next thing you knew, we had this really cool melody and put words to it. I wish I could say it was about this or that, but we literally just wrote the entire thing in a couple minutes. I think we were both just feeling the vibe of the river and were blessed with a song.”

This track features what Ben calls his “dream team” band. The group is comprised of Seth Taylor on guitar, Ben Isaacs on bass, Aubrey Haynie on fiddle, Aaron Ramsey on mandolin, Josh Swift on dobro and harmony vocals, and Mike Rogers covering the other harmony vocal. 

I Hear You Calling is now available on popular streaming platforms, and to broadcasters on AirPlay Direct.

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