Hard Ryde: Stages

Hard Ryde - StagesHard Ryde first caught my ear in 2007 with their CD Expressed (released in 2006). In 2008 they released Stages.

Like most bluegrass bands they experienced some band member turn over between CDs, but if the changes had any effect on the band’s sound, it was for the better. If anything, the band seems to have further refined their sound with this recording.

With hints of the Rice Brothers, Del McCoury Band, Larry Sparks, and J.D Crowe & The New South, Hard Ryde delivers a distinctive sound that blends modern sensibilities with a satisfying traditional finish. Their instrumental performance is solid and precise, and their vocals distinguish them as a band you should seriously listen to.

As on their previous CD, the original content is what sets this band apart. My favorite tracks include Hold Onto Your Heart, If You Don’t Go, and Past The Point Of Rescue. I do have to say I also enjoyed their rendition of Blue-Eyed Boston Boy.

Samples are available on the band’s Myspace page.

This highly awarded Canadian band deserves to be heard by American audiences. They have a limited number of US tour dates so take advantage of the chance to hear them.

Here’s a video of Hard Ryde performing If You Don’t Go from their new CD Stages.