Happy 50th to Ode/Ome Banjos

Chuck Ogsbury of Ode and Ome Banjos - 1962Bluegrass Unlimited just published a nice article about the 50th anniversary of Chuck Ogsbury’s entrance into the world of banjo building. The article chronicles the story of Ogsbury’s early forays into instrument construction and business ownership. He started Ode Banjos and ran it for a time before selling the brand to Baldwin Piano Company.

Ogsbury took a 5 year hiatus, due in part to a non-compete clause in the sale of the company. But soon found he was drawn back into the world of the banjo and began his second company, Ome Banjos. Both companies were founded on innovation and targeted a particular segment of the market in which Ogsbury saw a need. Today Ome Banjos is still innovating and going strong.

For those with an interest in banjos, bluegrass history, or small business ventures, the article should prove to be interesting reading.