Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen

Frank Solivan IINot long ago we posted a couple videos of Frank Solivan and Dirty Kitchen as they travelled to Nashville and worked on a new recording project. The recording is now finished, mixed, and mastered. Frank kindly sent along a couple of clips to allow readers of Bluegrass Today a first sneak peak/listen to the new material.

The band is still putting together all the ancillary material for the release of a CD. They are talking to a few labels about the release, but they’re eager for people to hear what they been working on.

Frank sent us three tracks for your listening pleasure.


Driftin’ Apart (by: Frank Solivan) came about when a need of more original songs for this record became paramount. It was inspired by some friends having some trying times. The subject matter is quite sad, but there is an underlying feeling of hope throughout. This song was written in Juneau, AK the week of Thanksgiving, 2009.

Frank Solivan – vocals and mandolin; Mike Munford – banjo; Lincoln Meyers – guitar; Stefan Custodi – bass; Rob Ickes – dobro


Together We’ll Fly was written shortly after my stint with the Navy Band Country Current. It speaks of new beginnings with the one you love and brings hope to an unknown future.

Frank Solivan – lead vocals, mandolin, and fiddle; Mike Munford – banjo; Lincoln Meyers – guitar and low tenor vocal; Stefan Custodi – bass and baritone vocal


Tarred and Feathered came about a couple of years ago when I was on the road. The demise of a bluegrass road musician was at the forefront when writing these lyrics. I also had John Cowan’s voice in mind when the tenor vocals were coming to fruition. Just so happens John was kind enough to lend his talents to this piece!

Frank Solivan – lead vocals and mandolin; Mike Munford – banjo; Lincoln Meyers – guitar; Stefan Custodi – bass; John Cowan – tenor vocal

Be sure to check out the band’s website and facebook page for more information and their updated tour schedule.

In addition to this new band recording, Frank recently took to the stage with the John Cowan band for a couple of performances.

John Cowan called me a few weeks ago and asked if I would play a show at the Iota Club in Arlington, VA with him. “Of course,” I said. With no rehearsal or prep I took the stage with his band and we started making music. John must have approved because he invited me to play in New York the next night at BB King’s Blues Club. I snapped a picture of him kissing Aretha Franklin in the dressing room there. Good fun indeed. I look forward to making more music with him in the future.

Here’s a rather artistic photo of Frank on stage with Cowan, and the picture Frank just mentioned of Cowan kissing Aretha Franklin in the dressing room at BB King’s.