“Frailin’ with Friends!” A Fundraiser for Autism Hangout (dotcom)

Hello everybody!  My name is Craig (“Frailin”) Evans.  I’m the founder of Autism Hangout (dotcom).  And I’m thrilled to announce the release of my “Frailin with Friends” CD featuring 21 BG and OT tunes guaranteed to brighten your day.   You see, I’ve had the good fortune of living a life surrounded by family and friends in music. But these aren’t just any friends, and this isn’t just any music. These tunes are from a simpler time‚Ķ a time when fiddles, banjos and guitars were brought out to celebrate life events. And the friends that play this music (both then and now) know the power, camaraderie and love it generates. This CD is about that love. We want you to share in its joy.



A few years back, I discovered some new friends‚Ķ special ones that need a special kind of attention. These are children with autism. Families touched by this baffling condition are faced with an extraordinary set of daily challenges. Life can sometimes be very tough. When those moments occur, it’s my fervent hope that folks will play this CD and listen to the happy tunes and encouragement on its tracks. It was put together with joy by my friends – some very special, caring people that want to bring a little happiness into the lives of those facing such challenges.

Autism Hangout sign

 The proceeds of the sale of this CD go to benefit Autism Hangout (dotcom). Autism Hangout is an online community designed to bring timely, relevant information on how to live with autism (thrive, even) to family, care-takers, educators, medical professionals and others dealing daily with those with the condition. Come and see!


Friends joining me on this CD include Singleton Street, the Eelpout Stringers, Debbie Sorensen-Boeh, Geoff Shannon, Karen Mueller, Terri Sullivan, Marty Marrone and David Tousley.

For more info, tune samples and how-to-order, please visit: http://www.autismhangout.com/directory/store.asp