Fishing Music II

Fishing Music IIIf you’re into bluegrass and acoustic music, and fishing, then here’s an album for you. Being a fishing enthusiast myself, I thought it was worth sharing. This is the second in the series, hence the title, Fishing Music II.

The CD includes 16 songs, encompassing genres from bluegrass to swing, jazz, and blues. Despite the music diversity of the songs, the CD does have a cohesive feel since all 16 songs are about fishing, fish, and rivers.

Being from the northwestern part of the country, producers Ben Winship and David Thompson share an interest in fly fishing, so you’ll find many themes here from that sport.

In addition to the two producers, you’ll also hear among the guest musicians, bluegrass artists: Mike Dowling, Tim & Mollie O’Brien, Rob Ickes, John Lowell, Andy Hall, Aoife O’Donovan, and Brian Wicklund.

They’ve also produced a music video for the first track, Little Miss Cutthroat.

The CD is priced at $16 and is available directly from

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