ETSU seeks Bluegrass Lecturer

ETSUEast Tennessee State University is currently taking applications for a position within the bluegrass department.

The job is described as “Bluegrass Lecturer,” while a quick review of the job description will reveal that lecturing on the history and theory of bluegrass music is only one part of the duties.

Job Summary/Basic Function: Teaching classes in bluegrass history and theory; teaching individual instruction on instruments commonly used in bluegrass music; directing student performing groups; teaching performance and presentation skills; coaching and mentoring artistic development in students.

Here’s a breakdown of the job’s position within the hierarchy of the school’s departments and programs.

East Tennessee State University – College of Arts and Sciences – Department of Appalachian Studies – Bluegrass, Old Time and Country Music Program – Bluegrass Lecturer

In addition to the job description, here are the requisite skills and minimum qualifications necessary for those wishing to apply.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: Hardworking, dedicated, experienced, professional-level bluegrass musician with interpersonal skills who has general knowledge about the history of bluegrass music, the ability to teach two or more standard bluegrass instruments from beginning through advanced levels, ability to sing and coach vocalists in singing lead and harmony in the bluegrass style.

Minimum Qualifications: Bachelors degree and significant professional work experience in the field of bluegrass music or advanced degree in a related area.

The application process involves submitting audio or video recordings of 5 performances, references, and official transcripts of past education.

Interestingly, for all that is required, the pay rate for the job is only $25,000. Still, for a bluegrass musician living relatively near the school (in Eastern Tennessee), $25,000 of steady income and the freedom to tour during the summer months, might be the perfect opportunity.

Those interested may read more and apply online.