Earl Scruggs interview online

Back in 1989, former Blue Grass Boy Doug Hutchens taped a lengthy interview with Earl Scruggs that ran on Doug’s radio show – which went by the clever title, Bluegrass Today.

The occasion of Earl’s passing has prompted Doug to make the audio from this discussion available online, and it is posted in 15 parts at Banjo Hangout.

Doug played both bass and banjo for Monroe in 1971, and later had the opportunity to work with Scruggs as a Gibson employee when the Earl Scruggs model banjo was being reconfigured in the Spring of ’89. It was later that year – on Halloween night – that the interview was recorded.

Here’s a piece of the discussion, where Earl describes the serious auto accident he and his family were in during the Fall of 1955.

Earl Scruggs on his auto accident: [http://traffic.libsyn.com/thegrasscast/car_wreck.mp3]

You can hear the rest of the interview at Banjo Hangout. Scroll down the page to see the various segments.

Many thanks to Doug Hutchens and Frank Schoepf for making this material available.

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