Dailey & Vincent: video update

Dailey & Vincent with string sectionAfter posting last week about the recently wrapped video shoot for Dailey & Vincent, John and I had the chance to speak with Jamie and Darrin on the phone, and ask them about the video.

The duo tells us the video is not a concept video, it doesn’t include any dramatization of the story of the song, but rather is purely performance based. Filmed at NorthStar studios in Nashville, the video features the entire Dailey & Vincent band, along with a string quartet comprised of students from Vanderbelt University. The studio musicians used on the record were not available for the shoot, so the students were recruited to take their place on screen.

In a meeting with management and label people, the question was posed, “Which tune from the record would make the best video?” Jamie suggested On The Other Side should be the one for several reasons. First, it is the most purchased song on the CD when looking at iTunes sales statistics. Second, the tune is very popular with fans on the road. The guys tell us that at every show someone approaches them and requests the song, or tells the story of playing the recording at a loved one’s funeral. Touched by these heartfelt stories, the guys felt this song should be the first video. And it is the first. Both Jamie and Darrin have been involved in video projects in the past, but as sidemen with Doyle Lawson & Ricky Skaggs respectively. On The Other Side is the first video they’ve done as Dailey & Vincent.

The guys had only good things to say about the director. Suggested by Brad Paul at Rounder, Julian Smith is an energetic young man with talent. They pair were very pleased with the working environment, and are excited to see the finished product in a couple weeks. The label folks are working tirelessly behind the scenes to get the video on CMT and other video outlets so all us fans can see it as well.

If you’ve seen one of their live shows, you’ll know that Jamie and Darrin are not only stellar musicians, but they have a great sense of humor as well. It turns out the whole band was involved in pranking each other during the entire shoot. If one of the members left an instrument unattended, the next time they picked it up to shoot a scene it was wildly detuned. I’m sure this made for a steady stream of laughter throughout the day as they shot the video.

The guys were excited about one other first on their horizon that is unrelated to the video shoot, but they just had to share it. On September 5-6, the guys will be hosting the Mandolin Farm Festival in Flemingsburg, KY. This is the first time the duo has served as festival hosts and they are quite excited about it. So if you’re looking to attend a festival in early September, I’m sure this one will be full of laughter and great music.

You can find the band’s full tour schedule here.