• Butch Robins’ Imagicnation – Sketches

    As bands often do, Butch Robins’ Imagicnation began as a mere jam session. The way they came about recording their recent project was even accidental. During regular band rehearsals at Tom Ohmsen’s studio in Salem, VA, they began tracking solely with

  • On The Other Side with the Downtown Ramblers

    Bluegrass is alive and well throughout Europe, and much of the music crossing the pond is fresh, energetic and memorable. The latest evidence is found in the sophomore release from Sweden’s Downtown Ramblers, On the Other Side of the City. The

  • Monroe tributes: Audie, Dawg & Del

    Paying tribute to Bill Monroe with a recording of his songs presents a different challenge than it would for any other musician I can think of. The prime mover behind the creation of bluegrass music, his output forms more of

  • Scott Holstein – Cold Coal Town

    Scott Holstein was born in Boone County, in the heart of the coalfields of West Virginia, and he has chosen that imagery for the title of his album, Cold Coal Town. His mother and father both played bluegrass Gospel music as far

  • Missy Werner’s Three Kinds of Lonesome

    Sometimes simple is best. But every once in a while, you crave something with a little spice or some frills. I’m stuck with that craving after repeated listenings to Missy Werner’s latest project, Three Kinds of Lonesome. It’s a solid effort

  • A Prime Tyme for IIIrd Tyme Out

    It’s a “Prime Tyme” to be a fan of Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out. Having been around for twenty plus years, many groups of this caliber would start to slow down. They’ve won nearly every award imaginable in our

  • Save Me – Mountain Faith

    Another example of how much technology has benefitted the recent generation of aspiring musicians is on display in the new CD release of North Carolina group Mountain Faith, titled Save Me. Early bluegrass musicians learned through years of trial and error, relying primarily on