• Happy Again – Bill & The Belles

    Sometimes titles can be misleading, or even a misnomer. That's clearly the case with Bill & The Belles' deceptively titled sophomore set, Happy Again. At first, the discrepancy isn't very obvious other than the fact that it's in parenthesis; the group's giddy

  • Good News – Fast Track

    Fast Track quickly captured the attention of traditional bluegrass fans last year with their self-titled debut album, keeping the radio airwaves hot with several fine singles. For the band's second effort, Engelhardt Music Group has just released a ten-track Gospel

  • Roundtable – Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver

    Some artists are recognized for their prowess and proficiency. That's natural of course. However, there are also the rarified few who are known for their absolute passion and purpose, a commitment to the cause that assures the fact that every

  • Grit & Polish – Mark Schatz & Bryan McDowell

    Curtailed from touring by the pandemic, multi-instrumentalists Mark Schatz and Bryan McDowell, both former members of the Claire Lynch Band, opted instead to retreat Schatz’s basement recording studio and cut thirteen tracks that provide a fine representation of combined dexterity

  • Come Home – Bent Mountain

    You would expect that any group of musicians who refer to themselves as Bent Mountain would stay true to that handle by sharing a sound that might have easily have come from hills and heights. Consequently, it stands to reason

  • Self-titled – Tina Adair

    Tina Adair has one of those voices that makes you immediately stop what you're doing to give her your full attention. She's arguably one of the best female vocalists in bluegrass – something her peers have acknowledged the past two

  • Kingfisher – Michael Kelly

    Michael Kelly is a singer and songwriter. There's nothing unusual about that, of course. The music biz is littered with singer/songwriters, most of whom are desperately vying for public attention. What separates folks like Kelly from the competition is not

  • Songs for the Sparrows – Nefesh Mountain

    Often described as a "Jewgrass" band due to the commitment and connection to their religion and upbringing, Nefesh Mountain’s Eric Lindberg and Doni Zasloff manage to dismiss any disparities between ethnicity and the essence of abject grassicana. So too, as