• Self-titled – Tina Adair

    Tina Adair has one of those voices that makes you immediately stop what you're doing to give her your full attention. She's arguably one of the best female vocalists in bluegrass – something her peers have acknowledged the past two

  • Kingfisher – Michael Kelly

    Michael Kelly is a singer and songwriter. There's nothing unusual about that, of course. The music biz is littered with singer/songwriters, most of whom are desperately vying for public attention. What separates folks like Kelly from the competition is not

  • Songs for the Sparrows – Nefesh Mountain

    Often described as a "Jewgrass" band due to the commitment and connection to their religion and upbringing, Nefesh Mountain’s Eric Lindberg and Doni Zasloff manage to dismiss any disparities between ethnicity and the essence of abject grassicana. So too, as

  • Miss You – Sinner Friends

    Grace van't Hof and Conner Vlietstra — a.k.a. Sinner Friends — take their traditions seriously. Both musicians are seeped in the sounds of vintage bluegrass and the seminal styles of country, ragtime, Gospel, and other musical forms culled from old-time authenticity. Of

  • Waiting Out the Storm – Billy Droze

    Given the angst and uncertainty the world has encountered over the past 18 months, Waiting Out the Storm would seem to be an apt title for Billy Droze's latest release. Then again, Droze knows a little something about longevity and

  • Shall We Hope – Tony Trischka

    The impact of Tony Trischka on the world of bluegrass banjo is undeniable. With over years in the acoustic music scene, he has released 20 plus albums to date, and that's not even counting the various number of recordings he