• Self-titled – Woodbox Heroes

    Any time a new all star configuration arrives on the scene, lots of buzz and excitement tends to generate. This would certainly be the case with the Wood Box Heroes, a newly formed supergroup consisting of some of bluegrass and

  • Life’s Been Good – Grassland Band

    In the 1990s, guitarist and singer/songwriter Ed Krizini got together with some friends and formed The Grassland Band. While the original configuration was short-lived, Krizini would continue to use the name for this New Jersey-based ensemble, which has recorded a

  • Waking Up – Graber Gryass

    It’s hard to clearly characterize the Memphis-based band, Graber Gryass. Elements of bluegrass and Americana are embedded in their sound, but the music boasts such diversity and heterodoxy that it's difficult to pigeonhole them within any specific genre. The band,

  • The Flood – Rock Ridge

    Along with founders Rick and Josie Grant on mandolin and rhythm guitar respectively, Rock Ridge further consists of Dale and Suzanne Adkins on banjo and bass. The vocals are largely centered around Dale and Josie, as evidenced from the opening

  • Cup of Sugar – Tim O’Brien 

    One of the foremost figures within current bluegrass realms, Tim O'Brien holds true to his standing with what may well be his best effort yet. Personable and pleasing, it finds humor, happiness, and happenstance embossed in each of these offerings,

  • Greener Grass – Billy Swinson

    Though mandolinist, singer, and songwriter Billy Swinson has roots in Eastern North Carolina, he's lived the last twenty years in Florida performing with several regional acts. Swinson's solo effort, Greener Grass, combines his original music alongside some of bluegrass music's most prominent

  • Matriarch Song & Verse – Coulee Creek

    Ostensively written and recorded to commemorate Women's History Month this past March, Matriarch Song & Verse from Coulee Creek is all the title suggests, a collection of songs and poems that describe the triumph and travails of those whose struggle

  • God Fearing Heathen – Dan Tyminski

    After a fairly lengthy absence from the bluegrass scene, Dan Tyminski began a long-awaited return to touring and recording recently, both on the road with the Dan Tyminski Band, and with the release of a Tony Rice tribute EP last

  • Shadow of the Cross – The Churchmen

    What began as a group of bluegrass musicians playing at a men's fellowship gathering thirty three years ago has turned into a ministry, presenting God's word through song, which hasn't slowed for nearly 35 years. The Churchmen's latest release, Shadow of