• Landmark – Jake Workman

    When I first caught wind of Jake Workman, he was living in Utah and performing with Driven, a Kansas-based band featuring the McLemore brothers. Both Jake and his lovely wife, Rebekah played in the group, and I first got to

  • Seven True Stories – The High & Wides

    Their handle may imply that they harbor some sort of over-the-top intent, but, in fact, The High & Wides stay the course throughout their new, oddly named offering Seven True Stories. We say “oddly” because, in fact, there are eleven

  • Monroe Bus – Andy Statman

    Andy Statman never intended to be limited to a single genre. Over the years, he’s shown his proficiency on a number of instruments — from klezmer clarinet to bluegrass mandolin — without missing a beat in-between. A Grammy nominee as

  • Pieces – Jason Barie

    First… a bit of background… According to his website, Jason Barie grew up in Florida, picked up his first fiddle at the age of 10, took classical music lessons beginning in the fifth grade, learned to play bluegrass at a local music

  • Time To Love – Donna Ulisse

    While the sound and spirit of Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn and Dolly Parton appear to inform every note and nuance that inspire Donna Ulisse’s vocals, the singer herself has no need to lean on any comparisons whatsoever. Winner of the

  • Authentic – Band of Ruhks

    The best songs are, by nature, overtly entwined with sentiment. On their new Rebel Records album, Authentic, Band of Ruhks lives up to the disc’s title by sowing songs flush with shared feelings and, well, authentic emotion. A stirring mix of