Darin & Brooke Aldridge – So Much In Between

After listening to Darin & Brooke Aldridge’s So Much In Between several times, the thing that most struck me is the many positive messages in their music.

It’s about love. And who better to sing about that than America’s bluegrass sweethearts? What a breath of fresh air in times like these that our world is facing.

I recently caught up with Darin, who verified the importance of this message in their music.

“The title, So Much In Between, really allows people to catch a glimpse of God, our Life/Love for each other through our marriage, and everything we get to experience in our music daily. Like our two previous projects I’ll Go With You and the self titled album Darin and Brooke Aldridge, we strive to portray positive and uplifting messages in each song that is, and has been selected.”

The song selection on the CD is great; there’s a little bit of everything. If you love tight harmonies, Gospel, driving bluegrass music – and even a little bit of yodeling – you will love this record. The songwriting here is second to none, as well. Standout tracks for me were Lonely Ends Where Love Begins and We’re In This Love Together.

Not only do Darin and Brooke share a partnership in marriage, they share one in music as well, and it’s evident they love what they do.

Family harmonies are the best to me – they just mesh, as if they are one voice – and Darin and Brooke do this well! Sibling harmony is special for the tonal blend that such similar voices create, and the Aldridges get the same effect by careful attention to phrasing, tonality and dynamics.

I hear a strong southern Gospel influence in their music, and there are times that Brooke’s voice reminds me of an early Emmy Lou Harris. It’s just pure and crystal clear.

Darin also discussed their process of song selection, and some of the special guests on the CD:

“While searching for songs for So Much In Between, we were honored that so many people sent songs and wanted us to cut their material. Jerry Salley, Lisa Shaffer, Billy Austin, Mary Francis, Scott Patrick, Sidney Cox, Karyn Williams, Tom T. and Miss Dixie Hall along with so many more provided us with an array of awesome songs that we knew it was going to be tough in making the final selection.

We cut many of Jerry’s tunes, and some he co-wrote with Lisa Shaffer. Every Scar, Love Makes the Ride Worth While, That’s Just Me Lovin’ You and Lord Lift Me Up are all Jerry Salley tunes that people have already grown to love as we begin showcasing this new album at our shows.

We also took many of Lisa Shaffer’s songs for the album this time. Lisa wrote Corn and I Thought I’d Seen it All from our previous album. She got cuts on Lonely Ends Where Love Begins as well: That’s Just Me Lovin’ You, We’re In This Love Together and Love Makes the Ride Worth While. Those are all powerful songs that have the message that Brooke and I strive for in every song we select.

We have special guest Tom T. Hall singing on a song that he wrote titled Our Little World, and what a privelige it was getting to work alongside of him and Miss Dixie when we were looking for songs for the new album. There’s no question about who it is when you hear his voice singing the last verse and chorus on that song. It was neat to listen to his stories and become even closer connected with him and Miss Dixie through that whole process.

Producer Jerry Salley also joins us on several tunes he has written/co-written, and really added so many great ideas during the making of the entire CD. It was good for Brooke and I to have that extra ear for arrangements, and on our vocals.

Rob Ickes was able to join us once again as well with his awesome dobro arrangements for this project.”

 Here’s a little taste of Lonely Ends Where Love Begins, as recorded during their performance on the FanFest stage at IBMA 2011:

Darin and Brooke chose to have their road band on this CD, and say they wouldn’t have completed this album without them. This band compliments them so well, as evidenced in the clip above. On banjo is Chris Bryant, playing the fiddle is Rachel Johnson Boyd, and on bass is Dwayne Anderson.

I asked Darin for any final comments he might like to share with our readers:

“We feel so blessed in our music to be emerging into the bluegrass world as quickly as we have in a few short years. God, our families, friends/fans have been so good to all of us and we thank them for every opportunity we’ve been given.”

I know you’ll love this CD as much as I did. Make sure and pick up your copy today. Highly recommended!

You can contact Darin & Brooke through their website or Facebook page.

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