• Pitch and catch, bluegrass style

    I’m deep in recording studio land in North Carolina this week,. That’s a good thing, but it has left me little time for blogging, jogging, or even seeing daylight. For that reason, I offer up this column from last April

  • Bluegrass Free Trade Agreements

    I had promised to bring up the thorny issue of the “CD trade” this week, but I’m sorry to say that I’ve chickened out, so I’m going to fall back on yet another article on band names. Just kidding; I’ll go

  • Open wide, and sing ahhhhhhhh

    Last week in this space I discussed various counterintuitive business ideas, both good and bad, from giving music away, to touring exclusively in northern climates in the winter. The subject generated both interesting comments and some spirited emails and social media

  • We are Shoferët e Natës

    Early on in the life of this column, I wrote a series on naming your bluegrass band, offering various ideas depending on what kind of band you were seeking to name, and even suggesting some band-naming formulas. This week, my

  • To stream or not to stream

    An issue much on the minds of performing artists and songwriters these days is the rapid growth of streaming audio services like Pandora or Spotify, which offer targeted music streams designed to follow the tastes of individual listeners, but which

  • Do you haiku?

    I was reminded recently by Ned Luberecki that I had once written a bluegrass haiku that went as follows: late in the evening Uncle Pen played the fiddle why did he do that? This led me to think that we were overdue for a

  • The one and only Dixie Hall

    This little weekly bit of journalistic goofing-off has been my attempt at a humor/faux advice/anti-commentary column. Yes, I’ve attempted to be funny, and I’ll leave you to judge if, or when I’ve succeeded. This week, though, I’m not feeling all that