• Don’t let old Satan hold your hand, Steve

    Last week I urged you to celebrate Musical Illiteracy Month. My hope is that by now, you’ve hidden and found your musical illiteracy eggs, and placed tablature under the children’s pillows to be replaced by monetary gifts in the middle

  • Don’t know nothin’ ’bout lit-ra-cy

    You may not be aware of this, and your calendar may not show it, but in addition to this April of 2014 boasting Easter, Passover, and the U.S. and Canadian tax deadlines, April is also Musical Illiteracy Month. If you’re like

  • Road restroom ratings for troubadours

    For the male road musician, the highway men’s room is a sad fact of life. Last week I promised (or threatened) to begin publishing road bathroom reviews in this space, and if I fail to deliver on that, I’ll be

  • Road restroom reviews – an analysis

    At one point several years ago, my bandmate Ned Luberecki and I were going to start writing road restaurant reviews. It was never going to include any upscale places, because that would have required actually eating in an upscale restaurant.

  • Tax time for grassers, part II

    The plan for this week was to provide some tax advice for working (or occasionally working) bluegrass musicians. As I mentioned last week, I’m not qualified in any way to dispense this kind of information, but since this has never

  • Tax time for grassers

    It has been my contention for a long time that a great number of bluegrass music fans have no idea how little money the average bluegrass picker lives on. That’s generally how the average bluegrass picker would like it to be,

  • Feed a cold, starve a touring musician

    Last week, I introduced the radical idea that the road life may not be the idyllic lifestyle it’s imagined to be. This week I’m ready to come right out and declare that it’s also downright unhealthy. In a recent survey of

  • How I came to love life on The Road

    “The life I love is making music with my friends And I can’t wait to get on the road again” - Willie Nelson For many bluegrass musicians, the road can be a disappointing and wearing experience, and it often leads to early

  • Border intrigue for bluegrass musicians

    I’m on an extended family vacation right now (48 hours), so with your permission (who am I kidding? You have no say in the matter at all!) I’m presenting a slightly revised version of a column which ran previously in