• Aim low for the New Year

    Telegram sent in by Chris Jones regarding this week’s column: “John: in northern part of Alberta for Xmas (stop) Close to Santa but far from internet (stop) Please rerun old column re: New Year’s resolutions (stop) Back next week (stop) CJ” New

  • Wishing you a Traditional Christmas

    I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season so far. Much of traditional Christmas literature, including, I believe, the first chapter of Matthew (“Like, Really Awesome News for Modern Dudes and Dudettes” translation), refers to this week as “crunch time.”

  • Old Ebenezer and the Christmas phantasm

    The following is a contemporary interpretation of “Stave Two” of a A Christmas Carol (with sincere apologies to Charles Dickens), in which the Ghost of Christmas past visits a 21st century Scrooge, who is a bluegrass musician and widely-disliked band

  • A voice Crying Holy in the wilderness

    Based on the wording in my contract (page 17, about half way down), I’m forbidden from commenting or expressing my opinion about the current preemption of Bluegrass Junction for Radio Hanukkah, which will continue for another five days. I can

  • Still Time to Speak Up for Bluegrass Junction

    My opinion, admittedly biased: The flap about SiriusXM’s plans for Bluegrass Junction isn’t just about the upcoming nine-day disruption of Channel 61 to provide a home for Hanukkah. It’s about the long-term survival of the bluegrass channel itself. In other words, it’s

  • Name name, bo bame…

    In the past we’ve discussed the issue of naming bands; I even offered a band-naming kit, in which you take an adjective (e.g. “blue,” “lonesome,” “grease-stained”) and combine it with an article in nature or rustic mode of transportation (e.g.

  • Let me say this about that

    One of the most challenging aspects of hosting radio shows is doing interviews. What are the most relevant questions to ask? What are questions other people might not have thought of? How do you get the shortest possible response from

  • We oughta be in pictures

    This week my laptop computer is being repaired by “Biff’s Hi-Tech Repair and Thrift Bread Store” in Donelson, TN, and I’m told it should be ready in “oh, about 6 days.” I have no usable backup with me right now,

  • Make it Christmas in July

    Admit it: you’re already starting to feel the Christmas spirit, at least just a little. You have to be; we’re already fighting about disposable coffee cups and other sacred symbols, and your drunk uncle hasn’t even arrived yet for Thanksgiving