• Did I just see a Del McCoury blimp?

    “For Your Consideration.” We all have seen that phrase more than a few times in the past few days, now that the first round of IBMA awards balloting has been tabulated. It’s the generic introduction to a solicitation for votes, in

  • Strinfdusters…? Fran Solivan…?

    At Bluegrass Today, we try to offer our readers the most up-to-date information possible. Therefore, we depend on tips from our readers, industry professionals, and numerous contributors. The following statement comes from longtime tip-giver Katy Hill.  Being an avid lover and

  • Peaches and Pandora

    This being peach season in the south, my original plan for this week was to write a column about the use of peaches in bluegrass lyrics through the years (as in, “You don’t like my peaches, don’t shake my tree,”

  • I saw what you did

    The first time I saw the Osborne Brothers perform was at Hugo, Oklahoma, in the mid-70s (I’ll spare you the “I was 2 years old at the time” joke). Before the M.C. brought them on, he said, “MCA Records has

  • Could I get just a little more monitor?

    This article is a contribution from Tom Feller. In addition to performing with Feller & Hill, Tom is an experienced studio engineer and live audio reinforcement specialist. He was inspired to write following this past week running sound at Bean

  • Revisiting Bluegrass Groupies

    This week, Chis Jones' contribution is an encore presentation from 2011, or as Chris put it... "After a weekend that took us from Bean Blossom to Ontario, CA, then straight to Kaufman Kamp on a red-eye, I’m going to have to reach into

  • From GrooveGrass to Pat Boone

    Last week we discussed the blending of bluegrass music with other styles, including some that may not at first listen seem that compatible, like bluegrass and heavy metal, the fusion which kicked this whole subject off in the first place. Some

  • The Murder Chord and Bluegrass Fusion

    I recently got a message from a musician with a band called Grandpa’s Cough Medicine (I was a little hurt that they rejected my band name idea, Grandpa’s Immunosuppressant Rheumatoid Arthritis Medicine, but I got over it). He suggested that

  • Tossing and turning in the key of B

    A while back, I wrote a two-part series on bluegrass dream analysis. Since that time, for whatever reason, I’ve had almost no bluegrass-related dreams. Perhaps I had gotten them out of my system. In the last year, most of my