• Memories of Mine – Charlsey Etheridge

    It’s rare to find a musician, especially in the traditional music world, who wasn’t influenced by a parent or grandparent at a young age. For Charlsey Etheridge, a Georgia native who has recently released her debut album, one of those

  • Living For The Moment – Kristy Cox

    We hear quite a bit about country crossover artists in the bluegrass world. Marty Raybon, for instance, has had successful careers in both genres, while Rhonda Vincent recently released a dual country and bluegrass album. Kristy Cox is one of

  • Great Big World – Tony Trischka

    A new album from Tony Trischka is always big news in the banjo world. Since the 1970s he's been cranking out music to challenge 5 stringers and banjo fans alike, and reworking what can be expected from his instrument along

  • Irene Kelley’s Pennsylvania Coal

    I wasn’t prepared for what happened the first time I hit play on Irene Kelley’s new CD, Pennsylvania Coal. I’ve known and admired her work as a songwriter and I knew from reading the liner notes that the picking would be

  • Daniel Salyer solo EP

    In the 1990s, there was a very popular sound in bluegrass featuring smooth male vocals and a polished, contemporary sound. Ronnie Bowman was perhaps the prime exemplar of this style. The projects he recorded, both with Lonesome River Band and

  • Long Lonesome Road – The Giant Mountains Band

    Though numerous countries across Europe are home to bluegrass musicians, the Czech Republic seems to be one of the most popular lately. Faculty members from East Tennessee State University recently released a documentary chronicling the bluegrass scene within the country,

  • Grand Ol’ Time – Old Belle

    On their Facebook page, recently formed San Francisco-based band Old Belle claims that even though they don’t hail from Kentucky’s coal country and weren’t formed during the folk boom of the 1960s, their music is still “unapologetically folk.” Judging from

  • Rhonda Vincent’s Only Me

    Rhonda Vincent’s Only Me, released yesterday (1/28), settles a longstanding debate: Is she country or is she bluegrass? The answer found on this delicious recording is a resounding yes. There’s something for everybody: Six bluegrass cuts on one CD, six country