• Thursday at Grey Fox 2019

    Thursday, July 18 officially began the epic Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival in Oak Hill, NY. Some people had already been camping and pickin' tunes for a few days before the actual festival began. On Tuesday morning the Flying Pig campsite lost their

  • Nightflyer – Flight

    Credit Nightflyer, a group of veteran musicians who hail from Southwestern Ohio, for finding the ideal compromise between that which is classic and contemporary. Taking their name from a Tony Rice song, the band — lead singer and guitarist Richard

  • Happy Birthday Peter Rowans!

    Every year about this time, beneath the West Marin sky, Peter Rowan puts on a Bluegrass BBQ birthday bash for fans, friends, and family to stop by and eat, drink, and pick. Peter’s birthday is on July 4, but this

  • Front and Center – Sideline

    Album title aside, the highly acclaimed North Carolina combo dubbed Sideline take an unassuming stance with their latest effort, a set of songs that offers an ideal example of bluegrass at its best. It says something that this six piece ensemble

  • Long Ago – Jim and Lynna Woolsey

    The aptly titled Long Ago is a celebration of sorts, one that marks the union of two talented bluegrass practitioners who have not only remained faithful to the form throughout their married life, but also well before. According to Jim

  • Benny’s TV Repair – Irene Kelley

    Chances are you knew Irene Kelley’s work before you knew her as an artist. That’s because her original songs have been recorded by everyone from Alan Jackson, Loretta Lynn, and Trisha Yearwood to Ricky Skaggs & Sharon White and Pure